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The Deluxe Apron

Carefully handmade in the UK with quality cotton giving you the perfect finish and style.

£50.00 GBP

  • Features
  • Specifications
    Colour Tan
    Length 70.5cm or 92cm
    Width 63cm
    Straps 190cm x 2.6cm
    Material Cotton
    Style Hand Embroidered


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    Delivery Charge: £5.00

    Delivery Information

     If ordered with ANY oven delivery will be free, if not delivery will be standard Apron delivery charge.

They measure 92cm x 63cm (Long) or 70.5cm x 63cm (Short)  Each base has a range of features to make your cooking life much easier. The two hip pockets offer plenty of space and functionality, while the eyelets at the waist are stylish without being too imposing, and make it incredibly easy to tie the straps.

The straps, designed to cross over at the back of the apron, are completely detachable and interchangeable from the apron base, meaning you can add variety to your apron without changing it dramatically. Each strap measures 190cm x 2.6cm to allow enough length to cross over at the upper back and tie up at the bottom. They are incredibly easy to thread through the eyelets of the base apron and are thick and wide enough to resist tangling without being uncomfortable.